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Speech and Drama ECA

Speech and Drama is an ECA club that is great fun. Every Friday, four participants go in a classroom joined by the Primary music teacher called Mr.Stead. They rehearse fun and mythical poems; they also did a food related play called “The Country Mouse and The City Mouse”. Be sure to try out some poems yourself because it’s fun and it helps you with your memory.

By Miriam

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Paper airplane update

The Year 6 airplane phenomenon that happened last week is coming to a stop. You will see less planes being thrown but every now and then you will see a plane fly over your head. STAY SAFE! Its still DANGEROUS!

By Amirah.

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There’s a new trend going around BISI. All the children are bringing a homemade concoction oh icky gooey slime. (no one knows why.) Some are sticky, some are runny and some squishy. No one knows how this gooey trend started, but it’s sure to bring a sticky feeling whenever you squelch them.

Ashton Hawthorne-Somers




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Half Term Break

It is soon the holidays. Everyone is super excited, so they can relax and play games. Some people are sad because they want to learn but still they’re going to be happy and have a good time in the sun. Some people will even go to birthday parties and to water parks!
By Khalid


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