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Animation Club

Miss Melissa is doing an animation enrichment activity in our International Primary school.The kids make the movies by themselves. They use an app called Pinnacle to make movies. They get to have lots of treats and celebrations on the last day.

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What’s going on in “Building Structures” club?

In Building structures creative students from the BISI are putting their creative mind to the test. One of their projects as part of the British education in Istanbul, was creating a paper plane that fits in to these criteria:

•         Acrobatics 
•         Speed

Another one is making a cantilever which is something stiff, like a beam or a plate, secured at only one end to another stick that is coming out of one of the...

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100 Days of School Party

The British International School Preschool pre-schoolers are having a 100 day of school party with snacks, decorated t-shirts, pictures, colouring, assembly, crafts and skip counting. They have had snacks like cookies, pretzels and seeds. The other class loved the food! The last classes liked the 100 days of school collage and town made of 100 Legos! In one class, a little girl even made a 100 day snow man!                      ...

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Valentines Day at BISI

On the 14th of February at our international school in Istanbul, it was Valentines Day, and man, it’s fun because there is always HOT CHOCOLATE and MARSHMALLOWS for all the kids!!!!! Remember the marshmallows! I also like it because last year Ashton gave me a valentines card, he's so kind.
By Jasmine

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