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100 Days of School Party

The British International School Preschool pre-schoolers are having a 100 day of school party with snacks, decorated t-shirts, pictures, colouring, assembly, crafts and skip counting. They have had snacks like cookies, pretzels and seeds. The other class loved the food! The last classes liked the 100 days of school collage and town made of 100 Legos! In one class, a little girl even made a 100 day snow man!                                                                                   By Emily

The British International School EYFS reception has been celebrating 100 days of school all week! They decorated shirts decorated biscuits and counted the biscuits by tens! And of course had a HUGE PARTY
•         Alex~ I liked it especially when we decorated the shirts!
•         Clemonee~ I liked everything!
•         Sean~ I loved the biscuits
By Mafaz